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Hello, We are Krayon Group
And that I don't know who the hell sent you.
however, they must receive an award.
Or a box of those tender- in-the-center Subway Cookies.
Your arrival is lengthy late.
And now which you're right here.
let's no longer beat across the bush.
you are in this internet site, reading those quite little words
because you're hungry to develop your enterprise.
now not listen my lifestyles story.

It Was a Prank !!!

Due to the fact spending our time filling this
web page up with humble-brags might be stupidly-egocentric.
So alternatively, I want to make this web page about YOU...
Concentrate, developing an enterprise is tough.
i would liken it to, consuming a
mouthful of scorpions... even as using
a motorcycle blindfolded thru the snow
at maximum speed in keeping with
hour, bare.
and that is mainly genuine when your
method it just like the maximum
entrepreneurs do.
via trial and blunders.
with the aid of 'hoping and praying'.
by using stumbling, and looking to
figure all of it out by means of
themselves - for the first actual time.

I name this "guesswork".
also referred to as hell.
it's not warm and muggy there/
and scents like cheese and toes.
And i'd rather rub scorpion chilies in
my eyes than operate my business that
but like I stated, this significantly isn't
always about me.
Which in the long run, leads me to you..
you are analyzing this right now
because, in a few manner form or
shape, your business isn't in which you
need it to be.
despite the fact that you need to put in a
backbreaking amount of effort... and
treated shit load of pressure.
Pushing, shoving, scratching, clawing and
hustling your face off to get beforehand.
or maybe you're already flying... and also
you truly want greater.
Extra security.
Extra money.
Extra freedom.
Extra reality.
Extra memories.
Extra legroom.
Extra time together with your own family.
Extra business class flights along with
your partner to places that result in
extra sand among your feet.
some thing it's miles for you...
allow me positioned this question to you...

What If
There’s a
Better Manner ?

What if you could put off the thinking of work…
And give up this nightmare.
What in case you had a verified
roadmap to get exactly in which you
wanna pass?
nicely , this is the precise motive i
created Krayon.
To solve this hassle.
To homicide it with a chainsaw.
you notice, the whole thing we do
Krayon is designed with a ruthless
cognizance on consequences.
we're now not interested in sitting
round, consuming herbal tea and circle-
jerking over what number of
impressions or views we got.
We need you to succeed.
so that you can cope with your family.
So we are able to look suitable and get
more clients.
So we are able to contend with our
lived ones.
It's a virtuous cycle. A high-quality
network impact.
A flywheel.
And it is our way of creating a
difference in this bat shit loopy
Which means that every unmarried
approach and tactic we install works.
due to the fact we've got tested it (and
examined it again) in our very own
And on masses of our patron's
organizations, too.
Anyways, if that isn't enough to 'flow' you.
Not anything will realize this...
In case you preserve doing what you
are doing, you'll keep getting what you
have become, length.
End of story.

No need to
worry about Work
at the Weekends

Due to the fact existence’s too quick
look, you are younger (perhaps you're old)
and a bit birdie informed me..
you have spent infinite hours online
scouring the darkest corners of the net....
Studying the works of dozen of so-called "specialists".
Downloading the trendy ebooks,
analyzing ebooks, analyzing blogs,
looking webinars, YouTube films, doing guides...
Gaining knowledge of approximately...
SEO, meta-tags, keywords, Google analytics,
Facebook commercials, pixels, one way
links, choose-in pages, double opt-in
lists, email sequences, remarketing
and copywriting...
Tools to try this, equipment to do this,
files for this, pixels for that...
after which...
"Oh my gosh! i discovered some other advertising guy who says..."
And on, and on, and on!
in the end of this "training", the hours
and hours of attempt, self-sacrifice,
cash invested, willpower, and tenacity...
not to mention the never-finishing worker
troubles and the regular challenges of
This causes your head to be so full of
so much mush...
that you are feeling like your only
options are to give up, throw up,
Cry. Or...
Just throw your Systems out of the
window and scream!....