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Grow with digital marketing

Digital marketing is an extraordinarily cost-effective way to boost ROI. Many types of digital marketing build momentum with time, growing more effective as they continue.

Digital marketing is scalable: you can commit to as much or as little digital marketing as you desire. Further, digital marketing is granular. You can use digital marketing to target very specific demographics, increasing the odds of securing quality leads who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

Social Media Interaction

Through social media, Mint became extraordinarily responsive. The team at Mint hosted promotions, gave away free items and discounts, and engaged with the audience that they expected to be most interested in its service.

By establishing relationships with known brands through social media — such as credit card companies — Mint was also able to easily build its perceived authority with its potential audience. Mint’s social media was not self-promoting; instead, it focused on giving its millennial audience information about money-saving tips, financial news, and more.